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Security science arises as intersection of the development of two trends of scientific management, namely of the police sciences and the strategic studies. Its knowledge basis is derived from a number of scientific disciplines and therefore has a multidisciplinary character. Its development proceeds in the direction of analyses towards the concrete entities, most often it concerns the state, to the general and abstract level investigating the phenomenon of security towards the abstract entity. This theoretic model enables application to the concrete entity and form of the security endanger. Constitution of the security science is now in the evolutional stage that can be termed as pre-paradigmatic or multi-paradigmatic.

The presented theoretic model is based on the principal categories of the entity and security – static and dynamic. Static security is such a state of the entity in which its actual existence, structure and function are not disturbed or endangered. Whereas at the dynamic security is not endangered its current existence, function and structure but also its development and the development of the entity as such. Threats and risks towards the security of the entities arise from inside of the entities or from the external environment whereas more frequent are threats of the internal origin.

The typology of the entities contains physical, geological, social, medial and virtual entities. Endanger of the security takes place in various dimensions or potentially its combinations. It concerns the security: systemic, environmental, natural, energy, food, economic, financial, informational-cybernetic security, social spiritual, military and nuclear.

The publication deals preferably with the analysis of social security, as this dimension of the security used to be neglected, and with the informational-cybernetic security, the importance

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of which is constantly increasing and gaining its strategic importance in all the sub-systems of the society.

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