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  1. Value orientation
    1. Scale of values
    2. Methodology of pair values
    3. The value orientation and civilising processes
  2. Attitudes towards other socio-cultural entities
    1. Attitudes towards national, ethnic and religious groups
    2. Factors influencing formation of attitudes
    3. Attitudes towards specific marginal youth groups
  3. Young generation, religion and socio-political movements
    1. Attitudes of the Czech youth to religious movements
    2. Attitudes of the Czech youth to socio-political movements
  4. Czech and European identity, European integration
    1. The most significant period and personality of Czech history
    2. Reflecting boundary situations of modern Czech history
    3. Patriotism, European feelings and European integration
    4. Language knowledge of the young generation
  5. Leisure time of the youth
    1. Leisure-time activities
    2. Time record
    3. General orientation in leisure time
    4. Development of leisure-time activities of the youth
    5. Leisure-time facilities
  6. Participation in management
    1. Civic, social and political participation
    2. Economic participation
  7. Drug addictions
    1. Drugs
    2. Alcohol
    3. Nicotine
  8. The media
    1. Position of media activities as regards the young generation
    2. Television
      1. Frequency of watching TV channels
      2. TV broadcast expectations
      3. Popularity of TV programmes
      4. Objectivity and complexity of information
      5. Balance of Czech, European and American programmes
      6. Negative phenomena in TV broadcasting
      7. Evaluation of the impact of television
    3. Radio broadcasting
    4. Reading of books
      1. Reading of books in current mass culture
      2. 2 Development of book reading
      3. Book reading in the time record of the population
  9. Personal computers and the Internet
    1. Personal computers
      1. Access to a PC and its utilization
      2. Ways of using a PC
      3. Places for using somebody else's PC
      4. Knowledge and skills necessary to use a PC
    2. The Internet
      1. Access to the Internet
      2. Ways of using the Internet
      3. Places for and frequency of using the Internet
      4. Time of connection to the Internet
      5. Electronic mail and chat
  10. Life targets, life issues and the path of life
    1. Development of society -the basis for the paths of lives of generations
    2. Life issues
    3. Life targets
    4. Path of life, the intersection point of the personality and society. Reproduction of elites
  11. Socio-economic situation and its reflection by the young generation
    1. The housing issue
    2. Job satisfaction
    3. Professional perspective and unemployment
    4. Unemployment
    5. Migration to work
    6. Competences necessary to acquit oneself well in the job market
    7. Interest in enterprise
  12. Computerisation of society and digitalisation of the field of life
    1. Provision with technical means
    2. Cyber culture
    3. Digitalisation of the field of life of the youth
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